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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Conversation In Cloth (Diapers)

I'm no expert, but I will share what I have learned about the world of cloth diapering, including my personal preferences, for anyone who might be interested...

People are using cloth diapers after they invented disposables? Gross!
Actually what I think is gross is paying lots of money to put plastic with scary chemicals against your baby's sensitive skin, letting them pee and poop in it, rolling it up and throwing it in a landfill to preserve it and take up space for the rest of time. That is my nutshell version. If you want a more thorough explanation, this article is where it's at: Why Disposable Diapers Are Dirty And Dangerous

On the positive side, using cloth diapers will:
  • Save money, especially if you use them for more than one kid. You can also buy them used and/or resell them when you're done if they are still in decent shape.
  • Be better for your baby's skin without the preservatives and absorbent chemicals in disposables. You can even go all the way and use cloth diapers with natural fibers like bamboo and cotton instead of microfiber.
  • Help preserve the environment by reducing the amount of resources used to produce disposable diapers and the amount of waste added to landfills.