"I should really write this down."

Sunday, March 24, 2013


So I guess I'm going to blog... Despite several blogs I have encountered that have been really helpful on their respective topics*, and the fact that I enjoy reading the blogs of some of my friends even if just to see what they are up to every now and then, I still have my doubts that many people (besides my own mother) will really care to read my ramblings. I don't have any special expertise or intended audience or aspirations to become a viral web sensation. But I have a beautiful baby daughter, and I want her to know what I am like now when she is half-grown and can't imagine that her mother is an actual person with like, real feelings and valid thoughts and stuff. I was inspired by an old friend and fellow new mom who pointed out (in her blog) that we won't actually remember all the details of funny/important/everyday stuff like we think we will, and now that we have babies, we should try to preserve the memories for posterity. So here's a little preview of some of stuff I plan to commit to blogdom in the near future:
  • Marin's birth story (Here it is!)
  • the story about when we found out we were pregnant
  • the story of Marin's tied tongue (Done!)
  • the story of my cat-bite while pregnant
  • a running list of the baby stuff we have found to be most awesome
  • some freezer meal recipes that I recommend and links to the *blogs from whence they came
Well, hopefully you're tantalized. We'll see if I can deliver.


  1. "We'll see if I can deliver." Clever, Heather.

    1. Okay, I have to admit, no pun intended. :o(